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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in India

ED Treatment India mission to help men and women in India and around the world to overcome their sexual problems, like Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation and Loss of Libido (loss of sexual desire).

ED Treatment India Surgeon team of fully qualified sexologists and sex therapists have helped more than 1500 men and women of all ages to start enjoying a happier and sexually fulfilling life that they never thought possible.

Almost all sex related problems are treatable through the right combination of counseling, medication and in some rare cases surgery (Phalloplasty, Penile Implant, Vaginoplasty, Hymnoplasty).

Unfortunately the majority of people who suffer from sexual problems do so in silence and never take help of a sexologist and medical professionals. The result is ruined relationships, divorce, loss of self confidence and self esteem and increased level of stress. This is totally AVOIDABLE.

We at ED Treatment India Clinic understand that talking about and seeking a solution for your sex related problem can be embarrassing and intimidating and that is why we 100% GAURANTEE YOUR PRIVACY. Your details will NEVER be shared with any third party.

Impotence Causes

Impotence Causes - Penile Implant Treatment in India Device
Impotence in men is often the matter of concern for people suffering from the same. There are several conditions, which causes this issue in men. This problem has been more evident in the United States of America. There are several causes to impotence in men and the first one is smoking. It causes calcification of arteries that limits your blood flow inside your complete body thus preventing the penis erections. The other cause includes the heart issues and damaged valves, which has again similar effects like smoking.

Similarly, the other cause to impotence includes high level of LDL cholesterol boosting up the risk of heart attacks. Also, issues like low blood pressure can bring in this issue along with the issue of diabetes and prostrate issues that bring along several unpleasant medical issues. Last but not the least; spinal injuries are also the vital impotence causes for men. Though most of the impotence caused by the above named issues can be sorted out, however, the one with spinal injury becomes difficult to treat.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment India

Sexual impotence is among the most misunderstood and mismanaged medical disorders found in men. This in general brings in the perspective among people that impotence are non curable. There are two factors, which are responsible for this stigma. Issues like ignorance, myths or superstition along with abysmal sexual ignorance, which is psychological in origin bring in the disorder of impotence. As per reports, more than 52 percent men suffer from this problem, however, despite such a whopping figure, very few cases come to light.

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One of the best ways to get rid of this problem is to go for the proper problem. For the global patients suffering from this problem, the best solution comes in the form of erectile dysfunction treatment in India. The Indian medical infrastructure is rich in terms of state of art facilities along with competent medical team who are known for their expertise and professionalism to fix these issues once for all.

Penile implant Treatment in India

One of the ways to fix the problem of impotence among men is penile implant treatment. This is carried out with the procedure called penile prosthesis, which is simply malleable or inflatable device used for treating the erectile dysfunction among men. A simple prosthesis comprises of a couple of expansive and malleable rods, which are surgically implanted within the chambers of erection making the penis semi rigid, making the adjustment in order to get the erection to carry out the sex.

Lately, a majority of men consider inflatable and hydraulic prosthesis, which allow them to achieve erection while it is considered for the benefit of getting natural and simpler option to conceal. One of the best way to get rid of this problem is to opt for Penile implant Treatment in India. The global patients find India to be the haven for many reasons. Right from getting the access of high quality healthcare solutions to finding affordable treatment options, India has much to offer for the international medical tourists.

Top Urologist in India

Impotence Causes - Penile Implant Treatment in India Device
India is known to have one of the best and competitive healthcare infrastructures, which very well resemble to the ones based in the developed nations. The country has some of the finest urologists who are known to cater high quality medical services with the help of state of art facilities. The number of urological surgeries carried out in India seems to be increasing with every passing day. Most of the urologist in India practising in different hospitals and healthcare centres are highly qualified and sizeable number of these experts have exposure and experience in a number of developed nations as well.

The global medical tourists can avail comprehensive urological treatment options in India, which come along with affordable cost and high quality. Such unique combo of quality healthcare and affordable services is only possible in India. This is the only reason why more and more international patients flock in to this country for various treatment options including Penile implant Treatment in India.

Penile implant surgery cost in India

As per reports, more than 50 percent of men face the issue of impotence. However, without a proper awareness a huge amount of these people seems to lag behind for the proper treatment. Many believe that the issue of impotence is non curable but the fact is just the opposite. You can find a wide range of treatment options, which can help men to get rid of the impotence disorder.

India is among the emerging healthcare destination, which has one of the best healthcare infrastructure backed by state of art facilities unlike seen in the developed nations. As far as penile implant surgery cost in India is concerned, these are affordable as compared to the developed nation, which can range from 8000 to 12,000 dollars including the accommodation and other expenses for the medical tourists coming from various nooks and corners of the country. This is fairly affordable as compared to the ones carried out in the developed nations.

Why penile implant surgery in India?

Impotence Causes - Penile Implant Treatment in India Device
Erectile dysfunction is among the popular prevailing complaints among the male sexual medicine. With proper diagnosis of these underlying cause of disease can be competent enough to treat and reverse erectile dysfunction. Penile Implant surgery is one of the popular procedures to fix the problem of impotence. Of late, India has emerged out as one of the top destination for the penile implant surgery and other similar procedure for the international patients.

India boast for having some of the most competent and advance level robotic surgery systems. The robotic surgery can be easily used to carry out a number of urologic procedures including prostatectomy, cystectomy and nephrectomy to name a few. One of the best part is you can avail these services at affordable cost, which is much lesser than the one cost as incurred in the developed nations.  This is the basic reason why more and more medical tourists flock to India for penile implant surgery and other procedures in India.

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