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Penectomy Surgery India

What is a Penectomy surgery?

The surgery called Penectomy often refers to removal of pennies for personal or medical purpose. The surgery is further classified into two of the ways – partial and Total Penectomy. The latter is carried out mostly in the case of penile cancer, while the former has its own set of reasons to be considered. It is among the most scientific and effective treatment option to defy the menace called penile cancer. The Partial Penectomy simply involves the removal of the tip of the penis. In this surgery one can even enjoy the sex life to a great extent as the sexual intercourse is very much possible. However, if required one can go for the the total Penectomy which is nothing but a surgical choice that is meant to remove all the parts of the penis. There are two types of Penectomy as said above total and partial, which are very well self explanatory. The Urology Department found in hospital is one of its kind wherein one can find specialized doctors and non-medical staffs, who are highly competent and extremely efficiently. The procedure of Penectomy can be carried out at the Urology department with competitive packages that is offered on this treatment, which can be even the low cost treatment as well.

Partial Penectomy: Parts of the penis is removed

When it comes to partial penectomy, one can find the penis to be removed for medical purpose only. One of the key reasons to consider the partial penis is the penile cancer, which can be carried out at different oncology hospitals in India that depends upon the seriousness of the diseases to carry out a partial Penectomy. When you talk about the partial Penectomy, it simply involves the removal of the tip or head of the penis. This surgery then in turn saves a major portion of the shaft, while the normal life of the patient is simply retained after the surgery. The functions like urination can be carried out the usual ways as it was carried out earlier and even the sexual intercourse can be carried out as well while having the partial penectomy. The process of this surgery would need 2 to 3 days seeking the help of one of the best doctors and non medical staffs are highly qualified. They make the best possibilities you make you comfortable.

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Penectomy surgery - How is it Performed?

The type of surgery chosen is based on the severity of cancer and then the surgeon removes the groin and lymph node. First an opening is made in between scrotum and anus. Then under special supervision of specialist doctors the penis and its parts are removed. After the surgery the patient has control over his bladder. Slowly and steadily the patient is seen recovering from the surgery and resume the life. Recovery from this surgery can include the hospital stay for 1-2 nights, which depends upon the extent of the procedure you underwent. The patient can get a temporary urinary catheter that helps in draining urine from your bladder and will be offered with instructions on catheter care while leaving the hospital.

The medications will be discussed with the patient by the medical team you will be taking (blood clot and infection prevention, etc), pain management, and constipation prevention. Your doctor will discuss your particular activity restrictions, which depends upon the surgery you have had and it’s extent.

Da vinci Robot Surgery

Historically, if you talk about the treatment of prostate surgery the only option was open prostatectomy, which involved large size incisions and post-operative side effects. With this the entire cancerous prostate was seen getting removed along with risk of excessive blood loss and the other issues like the post-op infections, considerable pain and long hospital stays,. After the open prostatectomy, patient activity was limited and often resulted in a loss of bladder control and sexual function after prostate surgery due to severance of the delicate plexus of nerves around the prostate gland. However, talking about the Da Vinci Robot Surgery, it was developed by Intuitive Surgical. The robotic prostatectomy is gaining a good popularity of late as a less traumatic and minimally invasive prostate cancer treatment. The da Vinci robotic prostatectomy helps the surgeons and doctors treating the cancer to overcome many of the shortcomings of both open prostatectomy and laparoscopic prostatectomy.

Robotic Prostate Surgery

In the robotic prostatectomy, one can find the surgeon using the “motion scaling,” which happens to be a feature that helps in translating small hand movements outside the patient’s body into precise movements as seen inside the body. The surgeon helps in controlling the robotic prostate surgery with the help of robotic arms from the da Vinci console employing thenatural hand and wrist movements. The motion scaling found during the robotic prostatectomy is designed in order to allow greater precision rather than seen in the usual ones that remains achievable in open and laparoscopic prostatectomy surgery. The traditional laparoscopic tools offer the surgeons less amount of flexibility, skills and motions. The proprietary instruments known as EndoWrist that helps in providing the enhanced range-of-motion of robotic arms that helps surgeons to reach difficult places and to fix the same with safer operation found in the confined space of the closed chest, abdomen, or pelvis.

Risks Associated with Penectomy surgery?

Unlike any surgical procedure, Penectomy surgery too has risks associated with it. The complications that are found in the period right after the said surgical procedure like a prostatectomy, simply could include bleeding, infection at the site of incision or throughout the entire body, the a risk of a blood clot occurring in the leg or lung, a risk of a heart attack or stroke, and it even has the risk of death. Also, one can find severe irritation, which comes around if a latex catheter is seen getting inserted in the urinary tract of a person allergic to latex. That is especially called as severe in nature in case of a radical prostatectomy seen owing to the open wound and the exposure is seen lasting for not less than two weeks. You can get into such situation only with intense pain giving you such situation. As per some medical journal Reviews found in Urology d the incidence of several complications following this surgery can lead to issues of mortality of around 0.3%, impotence >50%, ejaculatory dysfunction 100%, orgasmic dysfunction 50%, incontinence 5%-30%, pulmonary embolism 1%, rectal injury 1%, urethral stricture 5%, and transfusion 20%. And talking about the long term complications, these are common and specific after the surgery.

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Why is Total Penectomy done?

Total Penectomy is mainly done for medical purposes. It helps in removing the severe cancer that has to be required for the removal of the penis, which is called Total Penectomy. At times, depending of the seriousness of the diseases only the skin of the penile is removed. On the other hand Total Penectomy is done as body modification as well. In case of accidents, Total Penectomy is also performed. Like, if there are damages occurred in the area around the penis then doctors prescribe a Total Penectomy.

Penectomy surgery cost in India

When it comes to Penectomy surgery cost in India trust me it is highly affordable. The unparalleled commitment of the medical team and other health professionals has simply led the Indian hospitals to get better results improved quality of life for thousands of global patients who simply visit India every year for urethra related diseases. The cost of Uretheroplasty if compared with other countries is extremely less. Many patients select India as they find treatment in India to be extremely cheap. Most of the patients end up saving at least 50% of their budget in India. Now comparing the Surgery India, US, UK the cost goes like this $3000-$5000, $10,000 to $12,500 and  $15,000-$18,000 respectively.

The Indian hospitals offer the best of the Penectomy surgery which can move you quickly from diagnosis to recovery. The Urologists at Indian hospitals offer quicker recovery with minimal scarring with the help of using both minimally invasive and reconstructive surgical techniques. The Indian hospitals with latest technology, multi-disciplinary capability, state of the art facilities, world-class medical infrastructure and excellent  ambience, Penectomy surgery hospitals in India are poised to become the most advanced and progressive healthcare institution in this part of the world. All these elements simply promise high quality to the global patients coming to India and interestingly you all get the same with highly affordable cost. So, what are you waiting for, go get it!

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