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Frequently Asked Questions

What is erectile dysfunction (ED)?

Erectile dysfunction is a condition when a man finds difficulty in getting an erection. Or keeping it erected for longer period of time during the course of sex. It is also called as ED or impotence, which can come when you do not have enough blood flows over penis, preventing an erection.

How does a man achieve an erection?

Getting an erection is not an easy task especially for men who have this ailment. It involves a support from central nervous system, hormones, peripheral nervous system, stress related factors and psychology. However, with penile methods one can get erections, which can further lead to reproduction.

Is impotence the same as erectile dysfunction?

People often confuse between premature ejaculations with erectile dysfunction. Premature ejaculation can be called as a condition where the complete process of arousal, erection and ejaculation along with the climax is seen occurring very rapidly. With issues like the premature ejaculation one may accompany the erection problems like ED but it can be easily treated.

What causes erectile dysfunction?

Any man is keen to get erection can easily obtain it, irrespective of underlying cause of his issue. There are number of reasonable treatment choices exist. Your very first step to get rid of this ailment is to find out an experienced and skilled surgeon who takes time to examine you and discuss the treatment options available to you.

How is erectile dysfunction treated?

There various ways of treatment options including sexual counselling, external vacuum devices, medications, penile injections, intraurethral suppositories and hormonal therapy. In some highly chosen cases that come under the supervision of a competent urology specialist in ED specialization, using a couple of these methods together can be employed. If none of these therapies is satisfactory, penile implants via surgery can be considered.

What are penile implants?

The men facing the issue of erection can get rid of the same with a procedure called penile implant. In this procedure, a penile is implanted in man’s organ once the person fails to respond to the Erectile Dysfunction drugs or injections or vacuum devices.

What are the different types of penile prostheses?

There are three types of penile prostheses, which include Non-Inflatable Penile Implant, Two-piece Inflatable Penile Implant and Three-Piece (Multi-Component) Inflatable Penile Implant.
How far in advance do I need to plan for the Internal Penile Pump procedure?
To carry out this procedure a patient will need to book the doctor four to six weeks prior to your preferred date.

I use Medicare as my primary insurance. Where the procedure would be performed?

This procedure is carried out on the outpatient basis. Once you reach at the hospital for this procedure, a thorough physical examination and pre-operative tests are carried out. You will be receiving a complete list of hotels, which are simply found next to our facilities/ Hospitals and it is there recommended but it is not absolutely required that you remain in the hospital for three days. What is the lifespan of the Internal Penile Pump (inflatable penile prosthesis)?

Will I have normal feeling after the procedure?

Sensation is simple preserved after the Internal Penile Pump insertion. You will have the same kind of feeling you had before the surgery. This means that you have a normal orgasm as well.

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Is it a hospital only procedure or is it done in an outpatient setting?

The patients going for any procedure tends to be done as an outpatient basis, unless overnight observation is required medically. The patients get the discharge the same day.

I have a heart condition and rely on the use of a defibrillator. How will this affect the procedure?

You need to first consultant your cardiologist and discuss about the model and type of the defibrillator you need. Your surgeon then sends out the feedback to your ED doctor who after checking the report decided upon the procedure. The defibrillator is required to be deactivated so that one can use electric knife during the procedure.

Penile Implant treatment in India is Safe?

No single surgery is safe as you can find some complications or the other. After Penile implant surgery you may encounter some possible complications as under:


What are the possible risks, side effects and complications of penile implants?

Some of the risks and complications simple include infection, implant erosion over the skin, urethra and small size bowel intestine, injury to artery or vein of lower extremity, along with temporary severe pain in the area of surgery along with mechanical failure of the implant. The other risks include nausea due to anaesthesia, which is given during the surgery.

What happens if I get an infection?

With an infection, you end up inserting the prosthesis while the patient is required to be hospitalized followed by removing the entire device. The surgeon then carries out a salvage procedure depending upon the conditions, which is performed for preventing the shrinkage and scarring issues found in your penis that is seen after the penile prosthesis infection. However, the infection after the surgery is a rare incident, which is only seen once in a blue moon.


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