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Urologist - Dr. Anup Ramani

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Dr. Anup Ramani



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Dr. Anup has published over 100 papers in international journals and has contributed book chapters in three Urology textbooks. He has won the Best paper Award twice at the Annual Americal urological Society meeting.

Dr Anup Ramani with UK Patient for Robotic surgery in India

Robotic Surgery

Assisted robotic prostatectomy is a way of doing surgery for prostate cancer. It is a type of keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery. It is also called da Vinci surgery. A surgeon does the surgery but uses a special machine (robot) to help. It is not available at all cancer hospitals in the UK. We don't yet know whether this type of surgery is better than other types of surgery for prostate cancer or whether it is cost effective. You have assisted robotic surgery in an operating theatre under a general anaesthetic. Robotic Surgery of prostate cancer in India is now done at 5 to 6 cities. Dr. Ramani perform his Robotic Surgeries in Asian Heart Institute. He also performs Robotic Surgery of Kidney & Robotic Surgery of Renal Cell Carcinoma. He is one of Top uro-oncologist in Mumbai & amongst Ten Top Uro-Oncologist in India.

Dr. Ramani performed his first Robotic Prostatectomy in the year 2002. Doctors need to have special training before they can carry out this type of surgery. It involves two machines

Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer remains the second leading cause of cancer death in men worldwide, yet it is highly curable if discovered while still confined to the prostate gland.

Dr. Ramani is considered amongst the best Prostate Cancer Surgeon in India and he routinely interacts with the Top Prostate Cancer Surgeon in World. Dr. Ramani considers many factors when recommending the most appropriate treatment for prostate cancer. These factors include patient age, co-morbid conditions, grade of cancer, clinical stage of cancer & body habitus.


Dr. Anup Ramani


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