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Priapism – Overview, causes, symptoms and treatment options

What is Priapism?

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Priapism is a condition, which gives prolonged erection in the penis. The unwanted, persistent erection doesn’t come along with a simple sexual stimulation or the arousal, which is often a painful experience. However, it is among the most uncommon conditions, which simply needs an instant a medical attention. With the help of a prompt treatment option for the condition Priapism, which is often required to prevent the tissue damages that can lead to the inability in order to get or simply maintain an erection causing erectile dysfunction. Priapism is among most common options found in between different age groups right from the age group of 5 to 60 years. This condition is not often persistent erection, which is not relevant to certain sexual stimulation. The symptoms about the same can depend on various types.

A Normal Erection

This erection is often caused due to sexual stimulation. When a man is seen getting aroused that widen the blood vessels that help in increasing the blood flow into your penis. When the penis is seen getting filled with blood, it simply becomes very much hard and erect. Once the man is seen having an orgasm or when the stimulation is seen ceasing, the blood flows very back out over the penis. This end up softening and then is seen becoming the flaccid.

Persistent Erection

There are basically two types of priapism. Low-flow Priapism, which eventually when the blood is seen becoming entrapped inside the penis and that can’t flow back out. This can be very painful experience and thus simply is seen constituting a medical emergency. The erection can simply last for four hours or even more, or it may appear go over the time. The High-flow (non-ischemic) priapism is seen occuring when there is too much of blood flow seen into the penis. It is generally not a painful experience.

Causes of Priapism

An erection usually occurs in response to psychological or physical stimulation. This gives the blood vessels additional amount of relaxation and expansion, which boost up the blood flow to the soft tissues of your penis. Well, now, let’s focus over the causes of this condition, which are as under:

Besides these causes, ou can find a number of other causes as well, which include spinal cord injury, blood clots, lethal venoms like the black widow spiders venom etc. At times, the doctors even fail to identify the specific causes of priapism.

Diagnosing Priapism

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If you think you have the issue of priapism, you are supposed to get good medical care immediately. Make sure you share with your doctor the following things:

Ask A Doctor

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With this your doctor would simply review all your medical history and do a proper physical examination in order to figure out what is really causing this problem. He will help you to check your rectum and then the belly for a number of cancer signs. You may even require to see a competent urologist for more screening tests, including the following:

Priapism Treatment

When it comes to treatment or prevention of conditions like Priapism, there are several steps, which can help in preventing recurrent parispaism that can help in treating this disease that brings out this condition. You need to change the medications if prescription that carry the possible causes. It helps in avoiding triggers like illegal drugs or alcohol. The self injection that fails to stop the prolonged erections that comes along with giving the hormone blocking medications that are meant for adult men.

Type Of Priapism Treatment

The treatment for priapism that can include a number of modalities, which will depend on the amount of time the ailment of Priapism is seen present, and the same bring out the results of the blood tests. These interventions are simply carried out in a step wise manner with surgery being the last option. Unfortunately some of the treatments options can bring in lead to erectile dysfunction in the future.

The treatments for Priapism are as follows:

Understand Lithotripsy and Cost Effective Treatment in india with EDTreatmentIndia

Priapism treatment cost in India

India ranks at the top when it comes to cost and quality of the treatment option for conditions like Priapism. When you compare the same with developed nations like US or UK, you can find the cost of Priapism in India to be less of around 40 to 80 percent, which is really very much low giving one of the major reasons for the medical tourists to come down to this country for a wide range of reasons. India has one of the best hospitals and medical centres that give enough facilities to fix this condition. Also the surgeons and doctors dealing with this condition are also known to have one of the best expertise and experience in dealing with these conditions with great comfort and professionalism. This has therefore boosted up the trend of medical tourism in India, which has now become a one billion dollar industry in the world ranking the third nation in the world to be preferred by one and all. Thus in this way, you can find the global patients are seen leveraging the best over the years.

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