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Causes of Impotence / Erectile dysfunction Causes


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Erectile dysfunction is often an embarrassing disorder to think about, however, the more you explore the topic the better is the outcome in preventing this problem and deal with the same effectively. When it comes to defining the Impotence, it is nothing but a condition, which hampers the ability of man to achieve or maintain an erection. There can be a number of contributing factors when you talk about the problem called impotence. These can be both the emotional and physical ones. And if you check The Merck Manual, around 50 % of men in the age group of 40 to 70 can experience the issue of erectile dysfunction (ED). By understanding some of the most common potential causes can really help anyone to identify the reason behind experiencing the exact condition.

The causes of Impotence

There are several causes to issues like Impotence, however, the following are the major ones, let’s check them all:

Heart disease:
One of the key causes to impotence is the cardiac related conditions. Any heart disease, which can bring in the cardiac issue, can be the cause to impotence. These can hamper the heart’s ability to jump and pup the blood along with bringing the issue of impotence. This can simply hamper the blood flow coming to the penis, which in term hampers the erection found among the men. This is the reason why you need to check the heart issues as well once you face the problem of impotence.

Clogged blood vessels (atherosclerosis):
Another heart condition called Atherosclerosis is also one of the causes of impotence. It is nothing but a condition that causes issues like the blood vessels to turn clogged and thus end up causing the issue of impotence. This is not only lethal to your health and life but also can bring in other issues like impotence, so, if you are keen to get rid of this issue, why not get rid of the same by correcting your clogged blood vessels once for all.

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High cholesterol:
Another key cause to impotence is the presence of high cholesterol, which brings in the problem of erection of penis and other issues. This could be both the bad and good cholesterol; however, the former is more lethal than the latter. This therefore can be called as one of the key causes of impotence, which has to be averted in order to get of this disorder.

High blood pressure:
In order to treat the impotence, you are supposed to keep a check over your erectile dysfunction. If you have high blood pressure issue, you are certainly can cause impotence, which is due to many reasons. This can be due to age, or some other reason. One of the best ways is to consider a proper medication for high blood pressure. Also, make sure the medication you consider for this issue has no side effects to issues like impotence or else you need to ask your doctor to recommend some other medicine and get rid of this problem once for all. 

images - causes of impotence high Diabetes
Diabetes can hamper your artery and nerves found in the genital area, which disrupt the blood flow required for any kind of erection. This more common among the older people who are seen with issues like diabetes and has been suffering from the same since long. With issues like high blood pressure and high cholesterol along with obesity the most common issue that come along with these is impotence, which also come along with the issue of smoking that bring in this problem.

Side Effects of Viagra:
Unlike the other causes of impotence, oral medications like Viagra too can be one of the causes to impotence. For a majority of men who have issues of erection while having sex, these medical though would be seen working for a while but can have certain side effects as well. All the popular Viagra that are found in the market are counted among the oral medications are known to produce certain amount of nitric oxide due to the natural chemical reaction inside the body, which in turn relaxes the penis and its muscles.

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Tobacco use:
In order to get the erection in your penis, a male has to encounter the excitement phase, which can be an emotional response. If you find an emotional disorder, this in turn would put an impact over the capability of hampering your sexual desire. Issues like tobacco use whether in the form of smoking or consumption in other forms; it would likely to bring in issues like anxiety and even depression that are among the two major causes behind impotence.

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Alcoholism and other forms of substance abuse:
With lower amount of doses, the alcohol can even contribute in arousing both men and women. In fact, women also claim that they feel very much confident and hot while remaining under the alcohol influence similar is the story with men who remain under the influence of the same.  However, when anyone gets alcohol in excess amount, will bring in the issue of impotence among people.

Treatments for prostate cancer or enlarged prostate:
Both men and women would face the issue of impotence; this could be also due to certain treatments including prostate cancer treatment or treatment for enlarged prostate. Both the orgasm disorder and its treatment in the form of surgery or any other non surgical methods can lead to issues like impotence, which goes for a longer run.

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