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Penile Implant Surgery Cost Comparison in India

Penile Implant deals with the devices that are added inside the penis to make it free from the issue of erectile dysfunction and thus find erection. This surgery is often recommended when other treatment option for ED simply fails or unable to give the desired results. There are two key types of implant surgery, which include the semi rigid and inflatable. Both are different in many ways and have their own pros and cons. However, before you choose any weigh the potential risks and benefits and then go for the right one. Now, let’s dig in deep to get the gist of the same as under:

Penile Implant Surgery in India Cost & Abroad

One of best ways to benefit the right comes along with having penile implant surgery in India. This is because; you can enjoy loads of benefits apart from getting the cost benefit. Comparing in terms of cost, India ranks much higher than the other. The penile implant surgery in India can cost any global patient around 6000 to 10000 USD while the same surgery in UK and US can cost you around 15000 and 25000 US dollars, which is extremely high in comparison to the value of money. Now, start comparing the same with other elements like the quality of surgery and procedure witnessed in India. Well, in India, the quality of these surgeries and treatments comes out to be high, which can be easily compared to the ones carried out in the developed nations like the US or UK. Thus when one weighs the penile implant surgery in India in terms of cost and quality, it seems to be much ahead than the ones found in the developed nations like the US or UK or any other country, which has the provision of getting this surgery done to get rid of the curse of impotence.

1 Piece Penile Implant Vs 2 Piece Penile Implant Vs 3 Piece Penile Implant


Semi-Rigid 1-piece Penile Implant

2-piece Inflatable Penile Implant

3-piece Inflatable Penile Implant


Silicon + Metal 




2 rods

2 Cylinders +Pump

2 Cylinders + Pump + Reservoir


Always erect







Ease of Use




Shelf Life

15-20 yrs

10-15 yrs

10-15 yrs

Hospital Stay

1-2 days

2-3 days

3-4 days


 4-5 weeks

5-6 weeks

5-6 weeks

Approx Implant Cost with Surgery

USD 2000 - USD 3000

USD 6000 - USD 7000

USD 9000 - USD 11000

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Indian Urologist Surgeons are the best in the world

India has some of the best surgeons of the world. All these surgeons who specialize in male genital system surgery are known for the surgical treatment procedures for penis widening, glanular enhancement, penis curvature correction and. India has loads of state of art hospitals and surgery centres that can be easily found in different cities of your choice. All these major hospitals are simply blocks like any world class hotels, and thus called as corporate hospitals. The Indian hospitals cater a wide range of surgeries for men and women including the penile implant surgery among men. These surgeons are highly qualified and known to have board-certified in different fields including plastic surgery and urology. The global patients all across the world often flock to these hospitals to reap benefits in the form of freedom from the ailment and getting a perfect bliss. There you find some of the best quality surgical care wherein patients can easily get solutions for their impotence with surgeries like penile enhancement.

Indian Healthcare Services- The Best in the world

India is known for having one of the best urology hospitals and health centres, which are par with all the facilities and state of art amenities unlike seen in developed nations like the US or UK. This is the reason why more global patients prefer to visit India for different treatments including Penile Implant Surgery in India. In fact, the moot reason for them to flock down to India for these surgeries is the cost, they enjoy 60-70 percent less rebates in terms of cost for these surgeries with the same quality of service one gets at places like the US or the UK.  In fact, if you consider other expensive like the hospital fee, travel expenses, consultation charges, hotel accommodation charges, local travel expenditure, etc. and compare with the one you pay in developed nations, there is a huge difference, which make the global patients flock down to India for treatments like penile implant surgery in India.



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